Operating Lease



With an Operating Lease, you have the use of the asset financed, but all the risks and rewards of ownership remain with PAR Leasing.

Operating Leases take many forms, including options such as full maintenance, nominated residual value or purely a lease over the asset itself.

A fully maintained operating lease will not only reduce the administration burdens with owning your own fleet, but will also enable you to enhance your organisations image, as new model vehicles are more regularly rotated on leases.

What can be included in an Operating Lease?

  • All on road costs such as registration and purchase stamp duty as well as ongoing registration.
  • All scheduled and non scheduled maintenance, including a set number of replacement tyres.
  • 24 hour Roadside Assistance
  • Delivery anywhere within Australia
  • Vehicle purchasing, sourcing of the vehicle you want as well as the ultimate disposal of the vehicle at the expiry of the lease.

The advantage of an Operating Lease is:

  • Assets under use remain off balance sheet, thus improving balance sheet ratios.
  • Capital funds are not tied up with purchasing assets.
  • As monthly costs are generally fixed, it allows companies to more accurately budget future costs.
  • Certain tax advantages as monthly rentals are tax deductible.
  • Reduction of administrative costs associated with the running of a fleet.