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PAR Leasing are your partners in performance with more than 20 years experience serving Australian individuals and big business. So what are you waiting for? Get your FREE no-obligation quote now!

Operating Lease

You have the use of the asset financed, but all the risks and rewards of ownership remain with PAR Leasing.

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Short Term Lease

A PAR Leasing Short Term/Mini Lease provides you with a fully maintained vehicle from 3 to 12 months.

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Finance Lease

Finance leases can take many forms, such as full maintenance or purely a lease over the asset itself.

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Novated Lease

A great way for employees to get into the car they want while gaining tax advantages through salary packaging.

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PAR Leasing is a boutique car leasing and fleet management company based in Melbourne, Australia. With more than two decades providing corporate, small business and government fleet leasing services, Alan Mance Motors’ Fleet Services Division, PAR Leasing has the experience and expertise to meet any leasing need, from individual to big business.

At PAR Leasing we are very flexible. Because we remain relatively small, our staff are readily accessible and you never talk to a call centre. We deliver the vehicles ourselves to ensure they are in good condition, and we are very competitive on cost. Talk to one of our experienced account managers to discover the best leasing option for you.